coronary band laceration

coronary band laceration

tread injury

A wound anywhere on the coronary band, most frequently caused by interference with other limbs: A typical cause is an overreach injury where a  hind foot catches and injures the coronary band or heel bulbs in the palmar region of the fore foot. Injury of the medial portion of the coronary band can be caused by a contralateral limb, and injury to the lateral portion of the coronary band is most often a result of interaction with another horse. Other causes of injury to the coronary band include knuckling over or hitting the region on a solid object such as a jump.

Kronentritt m
Kronentritt m
atteinte en couronne f
blessure de la couronne f
lesione in corona dovuta ad un calpestamento f
lesione in corona d'origine traumatica f
laceración de la corona f
laceració de la corona f
kroonbetrapping w
skade i kronrand/kronbælte
zášlap m
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