english saddle

english saddle

A type of saddle used for English riding and therefore in the majority of equestrian competitive disciplines. The saddle contains a tree covered with leather (or a synthetic equivalent) and the underside (facing the horse) is padded. The seat of the saddle is fairly flat, the saddle flaps (the sides) are comparatively large and rounded. There are several typical shapes that are used for different equestrian disciplines.
Jumping and eventing saddles typically have a flat seat and round flaps that are angled to the front to allow the rider to rest the knees on the flaps even when stirrups are short. The flat seat with a low front allows the rider to adopt a crouching position and hover over the seat when standing in the stirrups.
Dressage saddles have long straight flaps to allow the rider to stretch the leg down the horse's side. A deeper seat can give a rider more stability.
General purpose (GP) saddles are a mixture between the two, with flaps that allow for a stirrups to be adjusted short or long, and therefore legs to be carried straight for dressage or angled for jumping.

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