epiphyseal plate

epiphyseal plate

growth plate

Area of cartilage between the end of the bone (epiphysis) and the shaft of the bone (diaphysis) which is responsible for bone growth in length. When growth is completed the epiphyseal plate becomes ossified (bone replaces cartilage),  and the epiphyseal plate becomes the epiphyseal line. This happens at different times in different bones.

Wachstumsfuge f
Epiphysenfuge f
plaque épiphyséale f
plaque de croissance f
cartilage de conjugaison m
placca epifisaria f
cartilagine epifisaria f
artilagine d'accrescimento m
placa de crecimiento f
placa epifiseal f
placa de creixement f
placa epifiseal f
groeischijf f
epifysairschijf f
tillväxtzon i rörben
růstová štěrbina f
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