A misshapen hoof where the hoof wall deviates outwards in the lower third giving it a concave look. From the solar aspect, the area with the deviation will have a widening of the white line. The flare is usually in the quarters, may affect both the inner and/or the outer hoof wall and is usually seen in horses with a medio-lateral imbalance. Flaring of the toe area is most commonly seen in horses with neglected hooves. 

Flaring n
évasement de la paroi m
flaring m
svasamento della muraglia m
acampanamiento m
descontrol en el crecimiento de una parte de la muralla (relativo al casco del caballo)
acampanament m
descontrol en el creixement d'una part de la paret (relatiu al casc del cavall)
uitgewaaierde hoefwand m
rozbíhání n
prohýbání n
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