radial paralysis stance

radial paralysis stance

A typical stance seen in horses with a partial or complete paralysis of the radial nerve. The radial nerve innervates the extensor muscles of the forelimb, so in case of paralysis, the elbow is dropped, the carpus and the fetlock are flexed with the tip of the hoof or the dorsal hoof wall resting on the ground. In most cases, if the limb is manually placed in the correct position, the horse can bear weight.

Kusshandstellung f
nerf radial (paralysie du ≈) f
postura tipica in caso di paralisi del nervo radiale, con imposibilità di estendere carpo e nodello f
postura de parálisis radial f
postura de paràlisi radial f
met een voorhoef ontlast
holdning ved radialislammelse
ställning orsakad av nervskada
svěšení končetiny n
obrna radialis f
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