rolled toe

rolled toe

rocked toe

rocker toe

The rolled toe is a natural or artificial proximal deviation of the plane of the bearing edge in the region of the toe. Its purpose is to ease breakover of the hoof at the end of the supporting phase of a stride. Unshod horses that move over realtively hard ground aquire a natural rolled toe due to wear.   

Horseshoes can be forged with the same deviation in the toe region, also with the purpose of easing breakover. There are two methods by which this can be achieved, the rolled toe and the rocked toe.  


Zehenrichtung f
Zehenrichtung f
Zehenaufrichtung f
relevé en pince m
ajusture de pince f
bietta in punta f
sbachettatura in punta f
lumbre levantada f
"rolling" m
pinces aixecades f
opzet m
rejst tå
sáňkové zaoblení hrotu kopyta n
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