rolled toe shoe

rolled toe shoe

rocker toe shoe

The toe of the shoe is turned up i.e. forged to a slight upwards curve. Both the ground surface and the foot surface of the shoe are curved. The hoof must be trimmed accordingly. Note the difference between the UK and US usage of the terms rocker and rolled toe shoes.


rolled toe shoe
Zehenrichtung, aufgebogene f
Zehenaufrichtung am Hufeisen f
Zehenrichtung, angebogene
relevé de pince forgé m
pancetta in punta f
sbarchettatura in punta f
herradura con lumbre levantada f
ferradura amb les pinces aixecades f
aangebogen opzet m
sko med rejst tå
uppböjd tådel på skon
sáňka prohnutá f
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