retention of the placenta

retention of the placenta

retention of the afterbirth

A placenta (afterbirth) that is not expelled within (maximally) 4 hours of the birth of a foal. This condition requires immediate veterinary attention as it can lead to a rapid and serious infection of the uterus, which in turn can cause laminitis.

Nachgeburtsverhaltung f
Plazentaretention f
rétention placentaire
retenzione della placenta f
retención de la placenta f
retenció de la placenta f
retentio secundinarium n
niet tijdig afkomen van de nageboorte
tilbageholdt efterbyrd
kvarbliven efterbörd
kvarbliven placenta
zadržení lůžka n
retence placenty f
retentio secundinarium n
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