horse blanket

Clothing put on a horse to protect it from the cold, rain, or flies. Full body rugs have various straps with buckles or clips to attach it to the horse. Buckles or clips on the front of the rug - where it sits on the chest - allow the rug to be secured around the base of the neck. There are generally two straps which run from the right side of the rug underneath the belly of the horse, to be buckled or clipped to the left side of the rug. Rugs which don't have belly straps can be held in place by an elastic surcingle. Additionally, some rugs have straps that run around the inside of the back legs. These, or a strap that runs below the tail help ensure the rug stays in place. Some rugs have (detachable) hoods which can be folded up along the horse's neck and fastened underneath it for additional protection.

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