gait abnormality

Toeing-out, often in combination with a base-narrow stance will often lead to a paddling gait and brushing injuries

Paddling or dishing is a feature of horses with toe-in conformation

gait abnormality

movement abnormality

A deviation from normal movement in terms of limb flight as seen from the front, the back or from the side. From the front and back a limb should move approximately in a sagittal plane: lateral or medial deviations are known as winging, brushing etc. From the side the flight of the limb depends on the gait in which the horse is moving: gait abnormalities that are observed from the side include forging and toe dragging. If limbs strike each other as a result of a gait abnormality this is known as interference.

Bewegungsstörung f
Ganganomalie f
allure défectueuse f
difetto di andatura m
anormalidad en el movimiento del caballo f
anormalitat en el moviment del cavall f
afwijkende gang
afvigende gang
uregelmæssig bevægelse
avvikande gångart
porucha pohybu f
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