Grevy's zebra

Grevy's zebra

The largest representative of the wild equids is the Grevy's zebra, a species of zebra that can grow up to 160cm (height at withers). The Grevy's zebra is found in north eastern sub-saharan Africa, predominantly in Kenya and Ethiopia, with less than 4000 animals remaining in the wild. Its prefered habitat is semi-arid grassland. 

Compared to other species of zebra, the Grevy's stripes are narrower and do not extend all the way down the side of the abdomen. Limbs are striped all the way down to the hooves. The ears are large with a rounded, white tip. 

Grevy-Zebra n
zèbre de Grévy m
zebra di Grevy f
cebra de Grévy f
zebra de Grévy f
Grevy zebra m
Grevys zebra
Zebra Grévyho f
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