gait, ambling

gait, ambling


Ambling gaits are 4 beat gaits with no suspension phase that are limited to certain breeds of horses and are generally hereditary i.e. they can be performed from birth. It is likely that ambling gaits used to be part of every horse’s gait range, but that they were selectively bred out of a large portion of riding and draft horse breeds found today.

Examples include tölt, fox trot, running walk, rack, and paso.

gait, ambling
Gangart, besondere f
allure artificielle f
allure additionnelle f
andatura, particolare f
ambladura f
ambladura f
bijzondere gang
gangart, særlig
nestandartní nohosledy v chodech typické pro některá plemena, např. tölt, fox trot, running walk, rack a paso p
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