A type of steriod hormone that is synthesised in the adrenal gland and that has a steroidal structure (similar to other steroid hormones such as testosterone or oestrogen). They are involved in the metabolism of glucose and can turn down the activity of the immune system.

Synthetic glucocorticoids are used as drugs (steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to control diseases and disorders that are caused by an overactive immune system such as allergies, and can be used to control pain. These drugs are often classed as controlled medication, meaning they can be used therapeutically in horses, but must not be present in the horse's system during competition.

Glukokortikoid n
glucocorticoïde m
glucocorticoide m
glucocorticoides m
glucocorticoides m
glucocorticose n
cortison,antiinflammatoriskt läkemedel
stress- och flykthormon
glukokortikoid m
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