hoof abscess

hoof abscess

An infection of the soft tissues underneath the hoof capsule resulting in the formation of pus. As the formation of pus results in a significant build-up of pressure underneath the hoof capsule, this is an extremely painful condition that can cause non-weightbearing lameness. The colour of the pus can give some indication of the depth of the abscess: superficial abscesses involving predominantly keratinised cells produce dark pus, if deeper structures are involved (corium, subcutis, periosteum or even bone), the pus is pale yellow/grey/pink in colour.


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Hufabszess m
Hufgeschwür n
Hufabszess m
abcès de pied m
ascesso nel piede m
pododermatite settica (focale) f
ascesso subsoleare m
abceso en el casco m
abcés al casc m
abcés a la peülla
hoefzweer f
varig sulläderhudsinflammation
absces kopytní m
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