hoof crack

hoof crack

A crack i.e. disruption in structure of the horn capsule that is defined according to its location (toe, quarters, heels or sole) its depth (superficial or deep) and its type (vertical or horizontal). Vertical cracks of the wall may originate from the bearing edge (grass cracks) or from the coronary band (sand cracks), they are parallel to the horn tubules and may extend partially or completely up/down the wall.

Hornspalt m
Hornspalt m
Hornwandspalt m
Hufspalt m
seime f
setola ascendente/ discendente f
grieta en la muralla f
cuarto f
esquerda o fissura a la paret f
hoornscheur f
hornspalte (vertikal)
hornkløft (horisontal)
rohový rozštěp m
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