hoof angle

hoof angle

dorsal hoof wall angle

toe angle

The angle between the dorsal hoof wall and the bearing edge (or ground surface). In warmbloods the hoof angle ranges from 45-55° in the front hooves, 50-58° in the hind hooves. Thoroughbreds have a hoof angle that is on average 2.8° less than warmbloods.

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Hufwinkel m
Zehenwandwinkel m
Winkel der dorsalen Hufwand m
Hufbodenwinkel m
angle du sabot m
Angle en pince m
angolo della parete dorsale dello zoccolo visto di lato m
inclinazione della muraglia dorsale f
ángulo del casco m
ángulo de la pared dorsal m
angle del casc m
angle de la paret dorsal
hoefhoek m
úhel kopytní stěny m
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