hoof wall defect

hoof wall defect

frayed wall

A loss of continuity of the horn wall originating from the bearing edge characterised by a loss of substance.The damage may start as a grass crack and progress to a defect or it may be due to a trauma such the loss of a shoe. If the damage is limited to the outer layers of the hoof wall this results in a frayed appreance of the hoof wall, damage to the entire thickness of the wall leads to a 'gap' in the distal border. The cause of this type of damage is frequently the result of an error in nailing (too large or misplaced nails) or an excessively long shoeing interval.

Hornwanddefekt m
Hornwandausbruch m
pied dérobé m
difetto della muraglia m
rottura della muraglia f
defecto de la muralla m
defecte de la paret m
uitgebroken wand m
defekt rohové stěny m
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