abaxial sesamoid nerve block

abaxial sesamoid nerve block

palmar digital nerve block at the base of the proximal sesamoid bones

The application of a regional nerve block to the lateral and/or medial branch of the digital nerve (Nervus digitalis palmaris/plantaris medialis/lateralis) at the base of the proximal sesamoid bones where the vascular bundles can be palpated (the nerve is located directly palmar/plantar to this bundle).

Anästhesie, mittlere palmare/plantare f
anestesia abassiale, alla base dei sesamoidi prossimali f
blocaje del nervio sesamoideo abaxial m
anestesia perineural abaxial f
blocatge del nervi sesamoid abaxial m
anestèsia perineural abaxial f
anesthesie van de middelste palmare zenuw
blokade abaxialt på kodesenebenene
ordinär nervblockad
znecitlivění diagnostické v úrovni kloubu spěnkového n
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