accessory carpal bone

accessory carpal bone

pisiform bone

A bone belonging to the carpus that projects form the palmar surface of the joint. It forms the lateral boundary of the carpal tunnel through which the digital flexor tendons and several blood vessels pass. Due to its exposed position directly under the skin, it must be well protected when applying high bandages to above the level of the carpus.

Erbsenbein n
Erbsenbein n
Erbsbein n
os pisiforme m
os accessoire du carpe m
osso pisiforme m
osso carpale accessorio m
hueso carpiano accesorio m
hueso pisiforme m
os carpià accessori m
òs pisiforme m
os pisiforme, erwtvormig botje in de menselijke pols
accessoriskt carpalben
os pisiforme
kost karpální přídatná f
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