asymmetric loading (hoof wall)

asymmetric loading (hoof wall)

uneven loading (hoof wall)


Asymmetric loading is seen when during movement, the weight of the horse is distributed unevenly on the bearing edge of the hoof; the lateral or medial wall is loaded to a greater extent (i.e., bears more of the horse's weight) than the other wall. This uneven loading is more common in the hind limb and is usually due to conformational deficiencies such as bow-leggedness. It can lead to changes in the shape of the hoof capsule: the side subjected to more load becomes steeper and shorter, while the less loaded side becomes longer and tends to flare.

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Wandgänger m
cheval qui marche sur une paroi m
pied de travers en dehors ou en dedans m
cavallo con appoggio asimmetrico sulle pareti dello zoccolo m
caballo que reparte el peso asimétricamente en el casco m
repartiment de pesos asimètrics m
paard, dat wegens een afwijkende stand een zijwand meer belast.
lateromedial ubalance, dynamisk
asymmetrisk isætning
assymetriskt belastad hov
ojämn (skev) hovisättning
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