autonomic nervous system

autonomic nervous system

The autonomic nervous system (ANS), together with the somatic nervous system are functional divisions of the peripheral nervous system. The ANS regulates non-voluntary bodily functions such as such as the heart rate, digestion, blood pressure or respiratory rate. The nerves of the ANS  supply smooth muscle and glands, and are not under concious control. 

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Nervensystem, vegetatives n
Nervensystem, autonomes n
système nerveux végétatif m
système nerveux autonome m
système nerveux viscéral m
sistema nervoso, vegetativo m
sistema nervoso, autonomo m
sistema nervioso vegetativo m
sistema vegetativo autónomo m
sistema nervioso vegetativo m
sistema nerviós autònom m
vegetatief zenuwstelsel
nervesystem, autonomt
nervsystem, vegetativt
nervový systém autonomní m
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