artificial horn

artificial horn



Various synthetic materials which are similar to the substance of the hoof in terms of its physical properties and bind to the hoof due to their highly adhesive nature. These materials are used mainly to repair or cover defects of the hoof wall. The most frequently encountered products include thermosetting polymers such as epoxy resins and polyurethanes. The expression composites refers to the fact that these substances are all stored as 2 components which are then mixed to produce the final material; during solidification, heat is emitted (thermosetting).

Kunsthorn n
corne synthétique f
corne artificielle f
résine de reconstruction f
resina per la ricostruzione dello zoccolo f
resina da ricostruzione f
tessuto corneo artificiale m
casco artificial m
reparador de casco m
casc artificial m
reparador de casc m
kunsthoorn n
artificiellt horn
rohovina umělá f
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