annular ligament, constriction

annular ligament, constriction

Tendons and tendon sheaths lying within an annular ligament are constrained from all sides (between bone and anular ligament). If the tendons or tendon sheaths become swollen or the ligament constricts (e.g. due to direct injury) the build up of pressure can cause inflammation, pain and serious lameness. The surgical sectioning (division) of the annular ligament can relieve the pressure and lead to healing of the previously encased structures .

Fesselringbandsyndrom n
constriction du ligament annulaire palmaire/plantaire f
sindrome del legamento anulare palmare/plantare f
síndrome del ligamento anular palmar/plantar m
síndrome del lligament anular palmar/plantar f
konstriktion af ligamentum anulare
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