arc welding

arc welding

electric welding

A welding technique that uses an electric arc between an electrode and the piece of metal to create localised heat great enough to melt the metal. The electric arc is created by a strong power supply. If using a consumable electrode, the metal of the electrode will melt onto the piece of metal it is heating and act as a filler or add an additional layer of metal to the base. This type of welding is used to apply the hard surfacing to parts of the horseshoe subject to increased wear.

Schweissen, elektrisch n
Elektrohandschweissen n
Lichtbogenhandschweissen n
Lichtbogenhandschweißen n
Lichtbogenhandschweißen n
soudage électrique m
soudage à l'arc m
saldatura, elettrica f
soldadura eléctrica f
soldadura elèctrica f
elektrisch lassen
svařování eletřinou n
svařování elektrickým obloukem n
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