hardie/hardy tool

hardie/hardy tool

anvil (bottom) tool

A tool which fits into the hardy hole on the face of the anvil. The tools are usually used in conjunction with a corresponding top tool, fitted with a handle and struck with a hammer. The most commen type of hardy tools are chisels used to cut barstock and swages used to shape bars of metal.

Ambossstöckli n
Ambossgesenk n
Ambosseinsatz n
Setzstöckel n
Setzstöckel n
contre-étampe d'enclume f
tas à déboucher m
utensile che si piazza nel foro quadrato del incudine m
herramienta resistente para cortar acero f
eina per tallar hacer f
schrooibeitel m
zápustky do kovadliny p
babky p
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