palmar/plantar process (distal phalanx)

Collateral cartilages (blue) are attached to the pedal bone and the middle phalanx through broad ligaments

palmar/plantar process (distal phalanx)

wing (medial and lateral) of coffin bone

The branches of the distal phalanx (coffin bone) that extend towards the back and to which the ungular/ lateral cartilages are attached.

Hufbeinast m
processus palmaire (plantaire) de la phalange distale m
processo palmare/plantare della terza falange m
proceso palmar/plantar (falange distal) m
procés palmar/plantar (falange distal) m
hoefbeentak m
větev kosti kopytní f
palmární/plantární výběžek kosti kopytní m
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