pastern dermatitis

pastern dermatitis

mud fever

An inflammation of the skin in the pastern region that can affect all horses but is seen more frequently in horses with long hair (feathers) in the pastern region and in white-skinned limbs. Skin which is damaged by constant exposure to damp or unhygenic conditions is liable to becoming infected by micro-organisms including bacteria, fungi or mites. The symptoms of the disease range from a mild non painful reddening of the skin to a highly exudative syndrome with thick crusts, painful scabs and lameness. Treatment must address both the environmental factors and the cause of infection and usually requires a lot of patience. In severe cases, the disease may spread up the limb above the pastern, particularly if the limb is white. Potential compications include the development of cellulitis or lymphangitis of the affected limb.

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Mauke f
dermatite séborrhéique du paturon f
gale de boue f
dermatite del pastorale f
dermatitis de la zona de la cuartilla f
arestines m
dermatitis a la zona del travador f
"arestins" m
mok f
infekční zánět kůže spěnky m
spěnková dermatitida f
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