patten shoe

patten shoe

patten bar shoe

A shoe with extremely raised heels, achieved by inserting a squared U-shaped bar betwen the heels. In the fitted shoe, only the toe and the bar are in contact with the ground. This type of shoe is used to unload the deep digital flexor tendons and thus the palmar/plantar part of the hoof in the case of injury.

Bügeleisen n
Strahlbeineisen n
Bügelhufeisen n
fer « patten bar shoe » m
ferro con barra trasversale rialzata ai talloni m
ferro a barra secondo Patten m
herradura patten f
ferradura patten f
beugelhoefijzer n
podkova s vyvýšenými patkami f
zámková podkova s vyvýšenými patkami f
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