proximal sesamoid bone

proximal sesamoid bone

The proximal sesamoid bones are often known simply as the sesamoids (the distal sesamoid bone being the navicular bone). They are located in pairs palmar/plantar to the fetlock joint and are a part of the limb's suspensory apparatus. The suspensory ligament inserts on the proximal and palmar aspects of the bone, the distal part of the suspensory apparatus consists of several sesamoidean ligaments between the sesamoid bones and the long and short pastern bones.

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Gleichbein n
os sésamoïdes proximaux p
os grands sésamoïdes p
sesamoide prossimale m
grande sesamoide m
hueso sesamoideo proximal m
os sesamoide proximal m
sesambeen n
kost sezamská f
Os sesamoideum n
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