pony breeds, British native

pony breeds, British native

Mountain and Moorland breeds

Pony breeds that are native to the British Isles including the Dartmoor, Exmoor, New Forest, Welsh, Fell, Dales, Highland, Shetland and Connemara.

They were originally bred as working ponies adapted to a harsh climate and poor quality grazing. These days they are mainly used as childrens riding ponies and are often maintained on grazing and diets that are far too nutritious for their needs (sugars and proteins). This makes these breeds of pony particularly prone to laminitis.

Certain breeds still have a feral population (e.g. Dartmoor and Exmoor, New Forest)

Ponyrassen, britische f
razze di pony, inglesi f
poni inglés m
poni anglès m
britse ponyrassen
ponyracer, britiske
ponnyraser, brittiska
plemena poníků britského původu p
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