pressure sore

pressure sore

decubitus ulcer

Lesions of the skin caused by constant pressure. Unrelieved pressure over a long period of time leads to a loss of blood circulation to the skin, which then leads to damage and death of the surrounding tissue. The sores vary in size and depth depending on the extent and the duration of the pressure. Pressure sores are frequently encountered in horses if insufficient padding material is used when applying a bandage or cast over a bony prominence such as the accessory carpal bone. Another cause of pressure sores is prolonged periods of recumbancy (e.g. in sick foals).

Dekubitus m
Druckstelle f
escarre f
piaga da decubito m
ulcera da decubito f
úlcera f
úlcera f
decubitus m
doorligwond f
otlak m
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