podotrochlear region

The insertion of the deep digital flexor tendon (pink) on the pedal bone

podotrochlear region

A group of structures in the palmar/plantar region of the hoof including the navicular bone and its ligaments, the podotrochlear bursa and the most distal portion of the deep digital flexor tendon as it runs over the navicular bone and inserts on the coffin bone. The syndrome known as navicular disease can involve degenerative changes to any one or several of these structures.

Hufrolle f
podotrochlée f
complesso navicolare m
podotroclea f
región podotroclear f
regió podotroclear f
hoefkatrol f
podotrochlea f
podotrochlear region
podotrochleární aparát m
podotrochlea f
Podotrochlea f
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