proud flesh

Proud flesh on a severe coronary injury

proud flesh

granulation tissue, exhuberant

Granulation tissue, which is the loose, well vascularised connective tissue that forms in a healing wound. Growth can be excessive, particularly on horse's distal limbs. When it projects above the surface of the skin it is known as proud flesh. It bleeds easily and has to be removed before skin (epidermis) will grow back over the wound.

Fleisch, wildes n
Hypergranulation f
bourgeonnement m
tissu de bourgeonnement m
bourgeon charnu m
ipergranulazione f
tessuto di granulazione in eccesso m
tejido de granulación m
teixit de granulació m
wild vlees n
granulationsvæv , excessivt
divoké maso n
nadměrná tvorba granulační tkáně f
caro luxurians
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